5 Great Ways to Reduce Costs of Parcel Delivery

Sending parcels is part of commerce, especially if you have some kind of online business. If you are in the online retail sector, you are probably sending hundreds of parcels daily, and, as profit margins are probably tight, saving as much as possible on the expense of having goods delivered is only sensible. 

If Royal Mail raise their rates there is not a great deal you can do about it, but there are other ways to cut costs in this area.

1. Pack economically

The cost of sending parcels is not just evaluated by weight - the dimensions of the item can be a factor, too. Efficient packing can save you money here, especially if sending multiple items. Combine them in a package that fits together like a Rubik’s Cube – nice and tight with no wasted space that needs to be filled with stuffing that adds bulk and weight.

Obviously, make sure any packing materials are as light as possible. Then wrap the parcel smoothly and make sure it is secure, but don’t add needless layers.

2. Find an efficient courier

If sending out a lot of parcels of different weights and shapes, it could be worth establishing a relationship with a reliable courier that offers great value for money. Discounted courier services have made prices a lot more reasonable these days, and some services offer economical rates and provide the savings that were once only enjoyed by large companies. They do this by buying postage space in bulk and selling it at attractive prices. Good couriers can save you time and money.

3. Use a courier comparison service

For even better rates, it could be worthwhile trying a company such as Parcel Delivery, which draws on a network of trusted couriers to offer the best prices. A service like this can make use of software that sifts through hundreds of options to provide the most convenient, fast and cost-effective option. They also include a team of friendly staff to deal with queries and recommend the best prices for services such as dropping off and courier collection.

4. Give customers a choice

If customers have ordered items from you, consider offering them the option of a slower and cheaper delivery, or a faster delivery service at a higher price. Calibrate the charges to cover your expenses and time accordingly.

5. International options

Sending parcels abroad can be costly, depending on the characteristics of the parcel. Royal Mail can be quite economical for small items weighing less than 750g. However for larger or heavier items, Royal Mail can be more expensive.

This is where it pays to look at different delivery services, as rates can vary quite a lot. Some charge purely by weight, whereas others can charge according to the dimensions of a parcel. So, if the parcel is light but large, it is better to go with a service that will not charge more for its size. Comparing prices can be time-consuming, but the best deals usually involve shopping around.

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14 Aug 2017