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Opportunities in Mobile App Industries


Mobile games and apps are today’s most powerful business tools in marketing if they can be used in the right ways.... Read full article

Advice for Business Owners - Keeping the Office Clean and Sanitary


When it comes to the home office environment, not only the aesthetics matter but the level of cleanliness as well.... Read full article

Problems Faced by People Working from Home


Let us analyze some of the problems that are faced by people working from home.... Read full article

Are You Ready to Ignite Your Own Self-Care Revolution?

by Lisa Bookman on

“Well & Company Wellness Entrepreneurs are supported with state-of-the-art tools and trainings to build their own businesses in the health and wellness market, which is expected to be $1 trillion globally by 2017." ... Read full article

Make Money with a Low-Cost Litter Cleanup Service

by Brian Winch on

Brian Winch has been cleaning up since 1981; he cleans up litter outside commercial properties such as shopping plazas. His business meets the needs of clients who appreciate a litter-free environment but don’t know where to turn to for service.... Read full article