Tips on How to Prepare Your House for Airbnb

If you have never rented a property before, you may not be aware of what is expected of a host when you start using Airbnb. It’s not quite as simple as opening your doors to the public and there are a few things that you will need to do to ensure the comfort and safety of your guests as well as the safety of your home. Getting good reviews means getting more guests, so the more effort you put in to prepare your home, the more likely you will be to have more people renting in the future. So, if you’re not sure what needs to be done to prepare your home, here is some guidance to get you started:

Fix any damages and hazards

Guests will likely want to stay in a safe home that’s all in one piece. This includes repairing any loose wiring, fixing any unstable railings or stairs, installing fire and, if any mould has been found around the home, hiring a professional damp treatment service. When you rent out your home to Airbnb, you may be held accountable for any injuries that are sustained around your home, so providing a hazard free environment should be one of your first priorities.

Clean up

One of the responsibilities of the host is to provide a clean home for your guests, so make sure that you home is nice and tidy before they arrive. This includes providing them with a clean place to sleep, so be sure to change the bed linens for them, and giving them adequate washing facilities. Many people renting a room on Airbnb tend to hire professional cleaning services when they are expecting a guest, just to be sure that the job is done properly.

Properly equip your home

When you begin stocking your home for your guests, make sure you take into consideration how long they will be staying. Basic sleeping quarters and showering facilities likely won’t be enough to satisfy someone staying for more than a few days. In general, it’s smart to stock up on things your guests will need on a daily basis, like fresh towels and sheets; toiletries; equipment for cooking and eating; laundry facilities and cleaning products; and health and safety equipment. The better you stock your home for your guests, the more comfortable their visit will be, so adding in some entertainment and luxuries around the home might bump up your reviews and get you more guests.

Keep your valuables safe

Anything that you do not want your guests to use or are worried might be stolen should be properly locked away and kept out of reach. If you are having a short-term guest, you might only need to lock up your valuables in a closet or in a bedroom that is not being used. For guests that are staying for slightly longer, however, rather than hiding your valuables in a place that can be broken into, it might be a better idea to remove them from the property. You can either place them in temporary storage or take them with you to the place you will be staying while you are renting out your property.

An extra measure you might want to take to keep your home and valuables safe is to carefully screen any potential renters. You can read their profile and references and you have the option of messaging them before you make a decision.

Leave instructions and signs

Leave your guests a list of instructions and rules to help them navigate the home and to prevent them and help them avoid any careless damages. These instructions can include how to use the appliances around the home, where electrical sockets are located, where health and safety equipment is stored and where they can find the general supplies you’ve provided. You should also make very clear what kind of behaviour is not acceptable in the home, like smoking or loud music, and include important contact information.

If you want to go the extra mile for your guests, you might want to consider providing a short guide to the area. This doesn’t have to be particularly detailed, but a list of good restaurants and attractions can easily improve their stay, and it also helps to include the locations of stores, gas stations and public transport stations.

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20 Jun 2017