10 Security Measures to Protect Your Retail Business

Recent increases in crime rates in various areas of the UK are a timely warning that businesses cannot afford to 'relax' their security measures. Vigilance and preventative measures are the best lines of defense!

So that your business is not subject to robbery or burglary, below is a series of basic security preventions you can implement for your business.

Experts in security in Oxford explain that thefts from shops often depend on the opportunity, and in a large number of cases, the determining factor is a weakness in security overlooked by the owner of the business; something which is immediately taken advantage of by opportunistic thieves.

Permanent surveillance is one of the main security measures which can help counter this problem, but not the only one.

First of all, it is essential to have a pre-established plan. The need for a professional security assessor is paramount, to plan and install a complete security system that is specifically adapted to the peculiarities and needs of each business, and the location where it operates.

Such a plan will typically consist of some basic elements:

  • In the first place, adequate signage should be installed both at access points and in the interior of the establishment, clearly demonstrating the existence of security measures.
  • An audible alarm system suitable for the establishment and connected to a monitoring centre with a protected telephone line, not visible, is also a prerequisite.
  • A video surveillance system, with visible (dissuasive) or camouflaged cameras, with the capacity to record images both during the day and at night.
  • One or several security guards, in case they are necessary. And a trusted employee who takes responsibility for the security system and its maintenance.
  • An access control system to open the access door to the establishment.

Additional measures:

It is also advisable to reinforce common spaces such as lobbies, landings, and staircases, as well as the separation elements, such as ceilings, floors and partition walls.

If the premises have a glass storefront; protect shop windows with reinforced glass, vibration detectors, etc., and install lockable display cabinets and other display units.

It is advisable to install grilles and/or shutters, anti-lever and anti-cut doors, bars on windows and other access points of the establishment (vents, skylights, etc.), security locks on doors, windows and other access points, and reinforce all door and window frames and hinges.

It is also highly recommended to install and maintain good lighting inside and outside your business and take extraordinary precautions if the establishment operates at unusual times (late at night, bank holidays, etc.).

Finally, try to limit the number of advertising posters or other elements in shop windows, so that they do not diminish the visibility towards the street.


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01 Mar 2018