3 Ways to Attract People to Your Coffee Shop

People who run coffee shops know how fierce the competition can be. With the ever-changing landscape of the technological world and the growing ability of corporate employees to work from home, the demand for updated and niche market coffee shops is growing at a rapid rate. With the rise in competition, getting people into your coffee shop is now harder than ever. Check out this guide of some simple ways to attract people to your coffee shop.

Carry good coffee

The main draw of a coffee shop is, of course, good coffee. Even if your shop is in the most in-demand location with the trendiest décor, people will be wary of stopping in if they know the coffee doesn’t taste great. Consider expanding your coffee menu and introducing a promotion such as a coffee of the month or imported flavors that will make people want to come in to try the new items.

Offer a small food menu

Introducing a small food menu can keep people at your shop longer and ordering more items. This may appeal to the work-from-home crowd, as they won’t need to venture out at midday to scavenge for food. Instead, they can simply place an order with your shop. People enjoy a bit of variety in their routines, so consider making the menu a seasonally revolving one.

Create a cozy and inviting environment

One of the other large factors in attracting people to your coffee shop is comfort. People go to coffee shops to relax, enjoy a delicious cup of joe, and get out of their offices or homes. Uncomfortable chairs or a lack of tables can quickly deter potential customers from entering. Invest in various types of seating options, from the traditional chair and table to a bar with stools and even a comfortable couch section. This will appeal to all customer types, as there’s something for everyone. Couches are great cozy additions to any coffee shop, but because coffee does stain, you may want to invest in slipcovers so that you can easily wash them after any spills. This will help your furniture last longer.

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10 Feb 2020

By Henry Johnson