4 Security Features No Business Should Be Without

Security is important, whether you’re talking physical safety or data safety, and implementing smart security measures will help your business avoid costly mishaps. Not only that, but a sound system in place for security will put your employees at ease. Here are 4 indispensable security features that every business, big and small, would do well to implement.

Data Security

This one has gained particular significance over the past decade, culminating in this past year’s Equifax breach, which compromised the data of over 140 million Americans, and many more fellow Canadians. This was bad PR for the company, and this kind of thing has happened countless other times, albeit in a smaller fashion, to businesses in Canada. Don’t let it happen to your business. Look into secure backups, data masking, obfuscating and encryption services to keep your business’ data – and your employees’ personal data – secure from outside threats.

ID Cards

This is a fairly simple security measure to implement, provided that you source an ID card system from a reputable company. ID cards manage access, both access from the unauthorized public, and interdepartmental access. Not all employees are allowed full access to your company’s files and information, right? Setting up an ID card system protects you from breached information both externally and internally, as well as preventing physical threats – intruders or thieves – from entering the building. As mentioned, it’s a fairly easy (and inexpensive) way of staying secure, and you can learn more if you stop by Avon Security Products and talk to one of their team members.


Capture and record footage of any potential break-in, misconduct or theft. It’s a simple protective measure but it’s proven over its decades of use in the business realm to be indispensible. A basic surveillance system of eight cameras won’t cost your business too much (and will spare you the headache of installing a complex system) and will pay for itself in peace of mind. Even the presence of a security camera can be an effective deterrent for burglars (the other deterrent mentioned in the article is a dog, but your business probably can’t have one of those!).

Employee Training Seminars

Finally, this one’s less of a feature, like the ones above, and more of a practice. Upon intake, it’s wise to train an employee in safety – what to do in emergencies, how to keep data safe, how to keep their ID card safe, and just general safety precautions in and around the work place. It’s one of those “better safe than sorry” practices that you can measure by how often things don’t go wrong at work. Look at hiring a security consultant for one, or all, of your security concerns and have them brief both new hires and older employees.

It would be wonderful if all the bad people in the world would just wake up good tomorrow, but that’s not likely to happen. In the meantime, exercising certain precautions and implementing things like data security, ID cards, Surveillance and training will go a long way toward ensuring that your business is safe.

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24 Nov 2017