6 Simple and Effective Office Hacks

The goal in any workspace is to maximize our productivity, something which is achieved through organization and maintaining our personal health. A cluttered desk and growing paper stack can throw off our entire day and cause undue stress. In order to help you stay productive at work, we’ve collected a list of easy office hacks.

1. Use Binder Clips

Binder clips are an invaluable tool for any office worker. There are dozens of uses for them, the following only being a few:

  • Holding cords in place
  • Hanging photos or lists
  • Acting as a phone dock
  • Organizing items such as envelopes, business cards, or important notes

2. Switch Our Your Stapler

There’s a chance that your job may require a lot of stapling. Classic desk staplers can take up far too much time, as well as cause repetitive stress injury. Depending on whether you staple frequently or must attach several pages at once, there’s a model that can help.

3. Store Office Supplies in a Shoe Hanger

A shoe hanger is an effective way to keep your important office supplies nearby without having to clutter up your desk space or root through a drawer to find the right one. A clear shoe hanger on your wall will free up your desk space and give you easy access to small items.

4. Label Your Chords

Computers, monitors, and chargers—oh my! Unplug the wrong one and you’ve shut off your computer, potentially losing an important document in the process. Use colored twist ties or small labels to better help you identify your chords.

5. Use Keyboard Shortcuts

Too many people are unaware of the benefits keyboard shortcuts provide. Learn the right ones and you’ll ultimately save yourself time and reduce how often you reach for your mouse. Many computers also allow you to customize your shortcuts according to your preferences.

6. Color Code Your Keys

Between office doors, lockers, and safes, we may be carrying around a collection of keys, all of them the same color. Use nail polish to color code your keys and save yourself time fiddling with the keychain.

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05 Nov 2019

By Henry Johnson