8 Tips for Designing a Gorgeous Home Office

More companies are now allowing their employees to work from home if they want to. Because of this, the concept of a home office is becoming more appealing. The great thing about a home office is that you have the freedom to do whatever you want as you own the space. Make sure to keep your space clean and tidy as it will be more conducive to productivity. These are eight tips that can help you design a home office in one of the rooms in your house:

1. Have Enough Storage  

Whether it is an actual office or a home office, storage space is everything. If you have a lot of stuff for your work, it would be smart to make sure that your tools and supplies are easy to find. This will help you become more organized so you can respond accordingly to the amount of work you are doing.

For those who want their home office to double as a home library, start by placing bookshelves on the side. Populate the shelves with literary work, encyclopedias, dictionaries and other books. The great thing about the shelves is the fact that they can function as a divider between spaces in the room.

2. Choose the Perfect Color Combinations

The color of paint and wallpaper that you will use may seem trivial but it can do a lot to your productivity. You need colors that will help you concentrate on the work that you are doing.

The best colors that you can pick are those that are neutral. This includes tan, gray and white. They are great as they do not distract at all. Accents of red and purple are also amazing as they help stir the imagination.

3. Do Proper Wire Management

One problem that both company offices and home offices share is the messy wires and cords everywhere. Wire spaghetti is not something you want to see on a daily basis. Not only can it be such an eyesore, it can also be a potential fire hazard.

This is why you need to do proper wire management. You can have several electric sockets all over the room to fit your needs. You may also want to install wire holders.

A new development that can solve this problem is a wireless hub. The benefit of this is that it allows you to work on a laptop in different parts of the room. You can even work while you are at standing height. This can help you devote more time to your work.

4. Choose Furniture That You Will Be Comfortable In

Comfort should be on the top of the priorities in designing a home office. You want to be able to have a rest every now and then while working. So choose furniture that is comfortable for you.

5. Only Invest in Devices and Equipment That You Regularly Use

It is tempting to buy as many tech devices and equipment as you can. But you have to be conscious. Ask yourself if you will be regularly using that device. Otherwise, you may be wasting your money.

6. Ensure Natural Lighting for Daytime Work

Good lighting is a must for any home office. If possible, you must have natural light. This is why there should be wide windows in the room. According to studies, natural light has the ability to improve your productivity.

If natural light is not available, check whether it would be possible to put daylight-replicating, energy-efficient lighting sources. Just make sure that you do not place the screen directly in front of the source as it could lead to eyestrain.

7. Consider Installing Soundproofing

If you want the home office to be your safe space where you can study, work or rest peacefully, soundproofing your office is definitely something that you can look into. There are a lot of things that can help with that now. There are even those that you can do yourself including the egg tray technique.

8. Put Some Personality in the Space

Never forget to do this. After all, this is a home office so you need to make sure that it represents an extension of yourself.

This does not have to be too complicated. You can place some pictures of your family on the table. You can even put up a huge portrait of your family on the wall if you have one. Just make sure to mix things up once in a while as it can become bland after a few months.

If you like plants, you can also bring in one. Plants generally make people happier as they feel like they are bringing something unique indoors. An advantage of plants is that they do not need too much attention compared to other living beings.


If you are a person who works in a home office for long hours, designing a perfect home office should be of great importance to you. If you do not have a background in interior design, the best idea for you would be to hire a professional to do the job. If you are from Los Angeles, for example, you can hire one of the top interior designers Los Angeles to do the job. Make sure to check their credentials and read customer reviews before trusting them in designing your workspace.

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07 May 2018