"Get Into SPACE! You'll Never Have More Fun Doing Anything Else!"

"I was lying under the most incredible starry sky, searching for constellations, and watching shooting stars. Then, I realized I was still in my own bed!"

STARSCAPES® Heavenly Ceilings™ is quickly installed, easily, by licensed technicians worldwide. You'll install the STARSCAPES® Heavenly Ceiling™ in a client's bedroom, home theater, or any room; including hotels, motels, resorts, and B&B's in just an hour or two (without moving any furniture).

This STARSCAPES® Heavenly Ceiling™ is invisible during the day. But when the lights are turned out, like magic, a very impressive illusion is created of having a clear glass ceiling above you as you lie down in your bedroom at night. What you see, up in the sky, is stars. A cloudless night, high up in the mountains, with thousands of twinkling stars. 

Ancient constellations like Orion, Pegasus, Ursa Major (the Big Dipper), Gemini, Scorpio, Sagittarius and Crux (the Southern Cross) will be in their astronomically correct locations.

The crescent moon and famous stars like Polaris (the North Star), Vega, Arcturus, Antares, Aldebaran, Sirius and even Betelgeuse can be found along with a beautifully visible section of our own Milky Way galaxy.

When the walls are included as part of the work, STARSCAPES® becomes the world's first Cosmic Environment Simulator™. Imagine sitting up in your bed as it floats among the stars!

This product is in a class by itself, as it's not normally visible during daylight hours. The ceiling looks the same as it did before the work was produced. The heavens magically appear when the lights go out.

Stargazing is primal. Intuitive.  We're supposed to see the stars before falling asleep.  They give us something. Something very special.  Everyone loves stargazing, but most of us are too busy, we've forgotten about them, the stars have died out for us.  Well, now, you can bring them back and reap the financial rewards, by getting into this amazing business.

The benefits of enjoying this celestial masterpiece are great. It increases the alpha brain waves, meaning it's relaxing, stress-relieving, educational, awe-inspiring, and romantic. Children can even learn the constellations inside and then take their parents outside and point them out.  Never again will an adult be stressed before falling asleep.  Never again will a child be afraid of the dark. Being covered with a blanket of stars is so very peaceful.

Along with their one of a kind STARSCAPES®, clients receive an individually numbered Certificate of Authenticity signed and dated by the Technician, and they'll also receive their owner's manual titled ''The Art of STARSCAPES®''.

The Professional StarBiz Program allows those seeking a home based business, to transform a few dollars in materials into a retail product that sells from $500 and even up to $1,800 in just an hour or two. In case you don't believe it, we offer a "try it before you buy it", FREE Discovery Package.

You'll find STARSCAPES will be the easiest thing you could ever do. And the fastest way to make money out "of thin air"; cosmic air!

For over 25 years, Starscapes® Heavenly Ceilings has quietly become the #1 best business opportunity in the universe.

Joe Petrashek
Starscapes International