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6 Types of Brand Strategies to Improve Your Place in the Market


If you're a start-up business, take a look at these 6 types of brand strategies which should be implemented to your business marketing today!... Read full article

What Can I Recycle? 5 Quick Answers to Help You Out


Recycling goes a long way in helping the environment. Let’s look at some of the most important types of substances that you should recycle.... Read full article

What Are the States with the Lowest Cost of Living?


Is the cost of living in your current state too high for your financial situation? Take a look through this list of the states with the lowest cost of living.... Read full article

What Are White Label SEO Tools?


For individual freelancers and smaller agencies, white label can seem like something for the “big dogs.” This couldn’t be farther from the case. Grow from a small freelancer operation or early-stage agency by adopting the right white label SEO tools.... Read full article

What Is a Smart Home?


If you're the kind of person who always forgets to turn the outdoor lights off before you leave for work, or enjoys entertaining in real style, then turning your house into a smart home might be just the upgrade you’ve been looking for.... Read full article

Newmarket Real Estate Trend


Newmarket city, being at the heart of the Golden Horseshoe of Southern Ontario Province and The Great Toronto Area (GTA), is an ideal location for property developers and home buyers settling in this area.... Read full article

Engagement Strategies for Your Business


If your business doesn’t have a digital strategy to engage your clients and attract new ones, don’t worry. There are some easy marketing techniques you can use to promote your brand that don’t require you to be a social media guru.... Read full article

What's Your Secret Weapon?

by Michael Katz on

I have a secret weapon that I use to market my business. I’m referring to my relationships and, in particular, my natural tendency towards staying in touch with people.... Read full article

Have You Ever Thought of Moving from NYC to California?


Could I replace all four seasons with a whole year of warm and sunny days? Long walks through Central Park for a view of the Pacific Ocean, from one of the many sandy beaches? If your answer is 'yes', read some useful tips and start packing.... Read full article

Rethinking Small Business Marketing with Branded Gifts


It’s no secret that branded gifts are a great way to market your small business. Here are some branded gift ideas that are sure to leave a major impact.... Read full article