Employee Scheduling Software: How New Tech Saves Your Restaurant Money

There’s no shortage of emerging technology that is dazzling and impressive, but whether or not your business needs to adopt it boils down to one question: does it increase profits? By saving your business money in meaningful ways, employee scheduling software is an important tool for your restaurant.

Here are some of the ways employee scheduling software saves your restaurant money.

Schedules, Quickly

Employee scheduling software’s primary function is to create perfect schedules in 80% less time than it would otherwise take — this keeps your employees focused at work where they are most useful, in the kitchen or with customers, instead of wasting time thrashing out when they are supposed to work in the future. While this is the software’s main purpose, you can see how much your restaurant could save monthly by reading on to check out the other ways this software helps your business.

Crucial Data at a Glance

Employee scheduling software comes with impressive out-of-the-box tools that unlock the data underlying the restaurant’s operations. The manager-facing dashboard tells your decision makers everything they need to know about how your restaurant is really running.

These include labor costs, food costs, total sales, projected sales, and more. Daily assessments even come with weather data for that day, so managers get a clearer picture of the restaurant’s performance.

It’s also easy to customize the software to let it track any data that matters to your restaurant. Knowledge is power, and employee scheduling software gives you the information you need to know. This leads to making more money, and saving more money.

Keeps Everybody Working

Employee scheduling software doesn’t just makes schedules faster, but better. Managers can always feel certain that the restaurant will never have too few or too many staff. Managers can manually add important data to the predictive technology that speeds up the schedule making process.

For example, if the weather forecast calls for rain, there may not be a need for so many staff. This isn’t the only way this software saves you money by reducing labor expenses. The scheduler will always warn you if an employee is approaching overtime pay. This keeps staff from getting burned out, and lessens your labor costs.

Reduces Turnover

Employee scheduling software is extremely popular among staff in restaurants around North America. In an industry that suffers from notoriously high turnover, any pull factor that helps retain staff is important.

Hiring and terminating staff is a costly process. Apart from the raw economics, it’s harder for a restaurant to run smoothly when the staff are constantly in a transition phase. Stable staffing saves money.

There is no shortage of new technology on the market. Make sure that you aren’t taken in by fancy gimmicks. The tech solutions you pursue must meet very specifically defined business targets, and usually this means a net increase in profit, either through higher sales or reduced costs. That’s why so many small- and medium-sized restaurants are turning to employee scheduling software.

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

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30 May 2019