Engagement Strategies for Your Business

Do you have a digital strategy for your business? Just think about how much digital content you look at every day. Between scrolling through your social media feed and banner ads on articles, our eyes constantly take in a lot of messaging.

If your business doesn’t have a digital strategy to engage your clients and attract new ones, don’t worry. There are some easy marketing techniques you can use to promote your brand that don’t require you to be a social media guru.

Brand Yourself

One way that you can get the word out there about your brand is through the use of custom clothing and accessories. Whether you are in the business of printing t shirts or simply require custom apparel services as a part of your business as a whole, you can team up with screen printing services in Toronto to create unique, memorable, and high-quality clothing.

This article will outline just a few of the many ways you can use creative marketing and engagement strategies with customized clothing. Let’s begin.

Team Up with Influencers

What is an “influencer,” after all? This buzz word pops up a lot in online discussions, but it can seem difficult to pin down exactly what they do. According to one definition by NeoReach, an influencer is “an individual with an online presence who has the potential to influence the opinions and behaviours of your target audience.”

Influencers often develop their own following independently when they grow an audience according to certain tastes and interests. Popular types of influencers include content creators, bloggers (gaming, beauty, parenting, cooking), celebrities, industry experts, and brand ambassadors.

Even if t shirt printing isn’t your business, you can still make it a part of your engagement strategy. Send custom silk screen t shirts, silkscreen sweatshirts, or hats from R&P Prints to relevant influencers for them to wear in front of their audience. Promotional posts from influencers often come with a price tag, so look to negotiate and exchange goods in order to build a relationship as you market yourself.

Promotional Swap

Even in the competitive world of business, teamwork is a huge asset. To broaden your reach and cast a wider net of potential customers, team up with another business for a promotional exchange. They can post some social media content that highlights your product and you can do the same for them. It’s still a means to produce sponsored content, but with little to no cost.

Hold a Contest

You can use custom t shirts or any other custom clothing to get an influencer’s attention, but they might not cover your product. One great way to ensure coverage is to team up with someone of influence for a giveaway.

Find someone who matches your brand identity to drum up anticipation around your giveaway and recruit contestants. Who doesn’t love free stuff? Just be sure to offer something of real value that will excite people and that you can afford to give away. Before you know it, you’ll have developed new leads and gotten more people in your custom apparel.


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28 Jan 2019