Are You a Food Manufacturer? How You Can Utilise Contract Packing to Grow Your Business

Food manufacturing companies are increasingly turning to contract packaging services (also referred to as co-packing) to provide them with what they need when it comes to proper food product packaging. The benefits of engaging the services of a contract packer far outweigh the disadvantages (if any), and if you are a food manufacturer, you can benefit from such a service, too. Here’s how you can utilise contract packing to grow your food manufacturing business.

How the service works

Contract packing or co-packing is the outsourcing of your requirements when it comes to packaging so that your products are ready for the shelves. Contract packing can involve the packaging of packets, outer boxes, and more, and it has given food manufacturing companies a distinct advantage since products are packaged in the best possible way. If you have a large food manufacturing project and you are wary of hiring extra staff or purchasing more equipment for packaging, the service provided by a contract packer can be the right solution.

The benefit for your food manufacturing business

As a food manufacturer, you can gain some tremendous benefits from a contract packaging company. One notable benefit is the fact that your products can gain greater visibility - they will become more noticeable and attractive since they are packaged in a professional manner. But there are other advantages as well – with a contract packer, you can manage your costs and expenses more efficiently, and you can be more flexible as well as adhere better to environmental requirements. The numbers say it all: in a recent study, 65% of food manufacturing companies who had acquired a contract packing partner said that the service made their business more flexible, and 62% of the same food manufacturing firms confirmed that engaging a contract packing service reduced their costs. A contract packing service will have the staff and resources as well as the expertise in place – and all you have to do is take advantage of it.

Take advantage of trends in the packaging industry

There are also some trends which can benefit you if you rely on a contract packing service. Today, there is more emphasis on reducing waste, especially at the source – and more contract packers are collaborating with suppliers of packaging to redesign packaging for products; there is more focus on simpler packaging rather than over-packaging, for instance, and you can take advantage of this and make your food manufacturing firm one of the pioneers in better packaging overall.

When choosing a partner in contract packaging, it’s vital to know what you want. The contract packer should demonstrate stability in both its operations and finances, and it should also show you the best standards when it comes to procedures, transparency, and capability.

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14 Apr 2018