Foolproof Tips for Choosing Your Restaurant's Concept

Congratulations! You’ve decided you want to run your own food business—but what type of restaurant will you operate? Well, that depends on your restaurant’s concept or the message you want to convey throughout your establishment. Your concept is the backbone of all the decisions you must make for your restaurant. If you’d like to start creating an incredible food experience for your customers, follow our tips for choosing your restaurant’s concept. Once you finalize your restaurant’s concept, you can take the next steps in building your dream eatery.

Stick to One Theme

It’s no secret that every restaurant revolves around a particular theme. However, you don’t want your establishment to be too elaborate. If you address multiple themes at once, you may confuse your customers. Do you want to own a coffee shop or fast food joint, or would you prefer to run an ethnic or fine dining restaurant? The choice is yours—and remember that customers should be able to guess your restaurant’s theme based on its name and interior and exterior design.

Keep Your Location in Mind

Believe it or not, your location plays a huge role in the concept you select for your restaurant. After all, a restaurant’s theme likely looks more attractive to customers in a specific region of the country. So, if your restaurant lives in a global city, then it’s likely that you can take risks with your menu and theme. On the other hand, if your restaurant resides in a smaller town, you may want to resort to owning a restaurant that doesn’t already exist in your area. Nevertheless, it may be worth it to conduct a demographic survey, so you can determine the type of restaurant you should open in your city.

Consider Pricing

You shouldn’t price your dishes willy-nilly. Instead, your menu prices should reflect the quality and type of food your restaurant offers. For instance, if you need costly ingredients to create your dishes, increase your prices. Additionally, you may want to differentiate your restaurant from others in town by pricing your food based on your competitors’ prices.

Think about Your Target Clientele

When selecting your restaurant’s concept, be mindful of who you want to target; as you can tell, not every restaurant caters to the same groups. So, if you want to target younger folks, your restaurant should offer a trendy experience on a budget. If you plan to target those earning higher incomes, strive for upscale dining. Regardless, if you want your restaurant to suit your ideal customers, you must tailor your concept around them.

Consider the Food You Wish to Present to Your Customers

Aside from your restaurant’s atmosphere and service, your food keeps people interested in your establishment. Therefore, carefully contemplate the food you’ll serve and how you present it. These dishes, as well as your menu, should reflect your overall theme—otherwise, you won’t exceed your customers’ expectations.

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08 Jan 2020

By Henry Johnson