Hashtag Marketing 2020: This Tool Will Explode Your Sales

Regardless of your business niche  an online shop, a cafe, or e-commerce, you execute Instagram promotion. Are you wondering how to attract potential clients to your account?

Instead of increasing ad budgets, try hashtag marketingIngramer hashtag generator is an AI-powered service with more than 12 million best-selling hashtags. By applying them, your posts' reach will grow up authentically by 3 times, and users can discover you through the Explore and get interested in your offers. Hashtag marketing works similarly to SEO, but is much easier.

Tests have proved that content with hashtags wins 62.5% more impressions than without them — see the screenshot below. Are you ready to uplift your IG sales? 


5 Perks of the Hashtag Generator Assisting Your Promotion

Ingramer is an online service which is now available as an app for IOS and Android. The features stimulate organic growth  you won't notice greater effects with the other present generators.

1. Diverse search by numerous keys. You can specify even 5 words and phrases in a search bar, which makes the result more precise. You can use synonyms, words related to your clients and niche to get the most fitting combination.

2. Use any alphabet for international strategies. If your company is entering foreign markets, apply the local language to generate the location-specific hashtags. The algorithm will also recommend you the related hashtags.

3. Time-saving user experience. Simplicity and convenience of the app and the online service will serve time-effective social marketing. You only need to mark the boxes and copy — no guesswork.

Look at the Ingramer interface in contrast to the built-in hashtag search.


Alternatively, you can insert an image you want to share, and the set will be generated automatically. You are able to apply a link to any post on Instagram.

4. View analytics and make wise decisions. Click on every hashtag and see how difficult this could be to reach the TOP. You can see TOP and recent publications with this hashtag to analyze whether your post fits the content.


5. Convenient hashtags grouping for ultimate strategy. The hashtags from the database are classified according to the number of posts. You need to include in your set hashtags from popular, medium, and less competitive groups so that you get maximum exposure.

The service is super easy to use. Read what you need to do to fine-tune your hashtags marketing.

Practical Guidance on the Hashtag Strategy

If you can't wait to boost your Instagram with new clients, do as follows:

1. Sign up and get access. You can start using the full functions of the generator at just $1. Leads and organic growth have never been so cheap.

2. Input keys. Collect keys for each product category, audience interests, location, and your niche. Enter up to 5 keys at a time to start searching.

The easiest options:

  • upload any image, and the Finder recommends you hashtags;
  • insert a link to a post, and get your set. 

3. Choose hashtags. Check the boxes with the hashtags that fit your image and caption. You can change keywords while searching; the hashtags you have chosen won't disappear.

Reminder: do not duplicate sets twice. Instagram may recognize this behavior as spammy.

4. Check the results. Several hours after you posted, check on the Insights. View how many Impressions were brought through the hashtag set. 

You will define the winning hashtags for your promotion by trying new hashtag combinations every time.


In 2020, you don't need to spend a lot on ads  hashtags can help you get interested clients on a budget. Ingramer hashtags generator is a must-have tool to get REAL followers who convert into clients. Try it right now!

Featured Photo by Elena Koycheva on Unsplash

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18 Jun 2020