How Christmas Affects Businesses

When Christmas comes, everyone forgets what they’re doing and starts to celebrate. Some people start celebrating even before December! However, many people forget how it affects businesses.

It’s the time of the year to relax for most people, but for some people work becomes the busiest it can be. For the people that work in the retail stores, the buildup can be very stressful as many people come in to buy any and everything for their family and friends. Black Friday can also be a riot in the high-street, as everyone and anyone is trying to get the biggest deal possible. Their opening hours also become longer as people can take days or weekends out of their lives to go to their favourite shops.

The food industry also becomes extremely busy as most companies book their work meals and most families buy a Christmas dinner. In 2017 alone, 4.2 million Christmas dinners were wasted in the UK. That’s just wasted in the UK, think how many were eaten worldwide. It’s also been estimated that 42,000 chefs, 22,000 kitchen assistants, 15,000 waiting staff, and 13,000 bar staff worked in pubs, hotels and restaurants. That’s nearly 100,000 people working on Christmas Day for families.

Charities also become very busy around Christmas, as it is the time for giving. In December, just over half of all UK households donated to a charity of their choice and 38% of people were more likely to donate to a good cause. Although this is extremely good for the charities and the causes they support, it makes them extremely busy and many places ask for part-time volunteers.

Small and medium-sized businesses are impacted as many are run by a few people, so having two days or two weeks off could potentially ruin their businesses. Many small or medium business (SME) owners miss their children’s nativity plays and 75% of SME owners admit to working on Christmas Day. If you own or work with a market research agency, this is quite expected as you have such a hectic schedule.

If you’d like to learn more about how the Christmas period impacts businesses around the UK, check out the infographic below.

Christmas Affect Business

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14 Feb 2018