Improve Your Life & Business, 3 Ways to Get Fit & Run a Company

Maintaining your health while running a company is the ultimate goal. Improving yourself and getting healthy and successful - what more could you ask for? A little help to get you there perhaps?

That’s why we’re going to discuss a few tips to help you along the way of running a business and improving your fitness. Along with a couple of ideas for businesses you could start and a tip for those of you who work at the desk all day long, this article should unlock your fitness and work-life potential.

Learn how to become a personal trainer

If you know you want to start your own company but don’t want to spend your days sitting at a desk, look into discovery personal training.

Once you gain a qualification, you can begin training others and eventually hire personal trainers to work for you.

Alternatively, a personal trainer would give you the motivation to get fit and push yourself to become healthier. So, even if you don’t want to become one yourself, hiring a trainer would be beneficial to you regardless.

Buy a standing desk and treadmill

Most of us sit, hunched back at a desk for the entirety of the working day. Buying a standing desk or one that you can adjust from sitting to standing will prevent back pain and increase your overall health.

Adding to the benefits of a standing desk by using a treadmill while working could offer many more health values. Although it’s advised not to constantly be walking on your treadmill, it can be beneficial to alternate between slow walking and resting.

This would be made even easier by using an adjustable standing desk. That way, you can sit down when you’re resting and continue to work. Additionally, using an exercise ball for your desk seat takes off the pressure from your back and works out your core muscles.

Start a dog walking business

Stuck on the type of business you want to run? How about a dog walking company? You can take a course to attain a qualification and eventually hire additional dog walkers.

If you enjoy going for walks and love dogs, it’s the perfect business to run! You’ll get fit on the job and essentially get paid for exercising.

Of course, you’ll need to be dedicated to giving the dogs you’ll walk a fun adventure every time, so it’s important you only start this business if you’d be devoted to walking them every day - no matter the weather.

That means walking through muddy puddles in the freezing cold, while it’s raining. With this said, if you wouldn’t mind this then running a dog walking company is for you.

How have you stayed fit while running your company?

Running your own company is stressful; there’s no doubt about it. How do you combat the stress and make time to exercise? Leave a comment below and tell us about your journey to a healthy and successful 2018.

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09 Apr 2018