A List of the Best Places and Locations for Your New Roller Banner

Designing your banner is one thing – like any business owner wanting to promote your company, you’ve probably put a lot of time and effort into coming up with the perfect design. But where to place your banner for maximum effectiveness is another matter altogether. Even if you have the best design for your roll up banner, your placement of the banner can make or break its success. So, what are the best locations for your new roller banner? Where can you set it up for optimum usefulness? Here’s a list to help you out.

1. Signage for the interior of your shop/establishment/outlet

The beauty of roller banners comes from the fact that they are quite versatile and can be used almost anywhere (although if you are placing them outdoors, it’s best to go for outdoor roller banners, which are made with sturdier materials). But one of the most common places for your roller banner is simply inside your shop or establishment.

Roller banners are immensely effective at providing your customers with information – whether it’s information about a new product, an upcoming sale or offer, a new location, or other pertinent information. And since the banner is inside, it can be easily seen by anyone coming in and it will be protected from the elements. One tip for indoor banner placement: customers tend to turn or look left when they visit an establishment, so it may be a good idea to place your banner somewhere to the left near the entrance.

2. At trade shows, exhibitions, and other events

Another common location where banners are used is a trade show, exhibition or other event. You can’t really walk into a trade show or exhibition nowadays without encountering more than a few banners. In fact, anyone exhibiting at a trade show looking to get further exposure will make sure to have some kind of roller banner and exhibition or display stand which can help them promote their wares and offerings.

Bear in mind that banners and stands used for events are more effective if you can include information such as your social media accounts – and make sure your website link is on the banner or stand as well.

3. Promotional events or awards ceremonies

If your business has been invited to a promotional event or gala in the community or to an awards ceremony, why not ask the organisers if you can bring a banner or two to place within the venue? It doesn’t hurt to ask, and it could mean a lot for your business’s future. One way to display your roller banner at such an event without making it look too ‘promotional’ is to simply have a banner made with your company logo or business name and contact info – a message that’s short, sweet, clear and stylish.

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29 Nov 2019