A Look at Businesses Around the Wedding Industry

There are so many businesses within the wedding industry they're hard to count. Don’t worry though, we’ve got a little advice for those who are planning a wedding, for each of the main businesses that you’ll need. Congratulations!


A local tailor or a wedding specialised tailor; whatever you chose, make sure you get measured properly before you let them tailor your suit or dress.

Tailors are extremely handy for taking up your bride’s wedding dress when it doesn’t quite fit right. And let’s be honest, most wedding dresses don’t fit perfectly.

It could be down to the size, the design or simply because the bride weighs less or more than she did when buying her dress.

For a last-minute tailor, your best bet is to visit a small local tailors. They will be more likely to have the time to tailor the dress and sometimes more willing.

Bigger tailors will most likely expect you to pay more for a last-minute fitting.


To get around the issue of a dress or suit not fitting perfectly, why not visit a dress and suit maker? They can fit the dress or suit to you.

It will be more expensive, but worth it if you’re only going to get your ready-made dress or suit tailored.

Additionally, you can personalise your suit or dress to make it unique and completely you!


Delivering enough food for everyone on your guest list is stressful. Let alone trying to get a meal that everyone will enjoy.

Hiring a caterer to do this for you is the best way to get out of worrying about the food portions and the cooking.


You’re going to want to capture the moments and memories that are going to be created on your wedding day. So, you’ll need a professional photographer.

There are lots of self-employed photographers that can give you a slightly less expensive price than a company with many photographers on hand.

It really depends on whether you want a specific photographer to film and photograph your special day, or if you want a company that you trust will send a skilled photographer out.

Our advice is to search around. Look at their portfolios and speak to them to see if the style of photography you want is within their specialities.

Engagement rings and wedding jewellery

There are so many jewellers out there that it can become a little overwhelming. Especially when you’re looking for an engagement ring for your soon-to-be bride.

We would suggest looking to find a unique jeweller so that you can find the perfect ring.

Berganza, for example, specialises in antique engagement rings and other antique jewellery. It’s worth scrolling through their site to see if there’s anything your bride would love.

Did we include the main businesses within the wedding industry? Did we miss anything important? Share with us your additions you would like to add to this list.

Photo by Wu Jianxiong on Unsplash

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27 Apr 2018