Rethinking Small Business Marketing with Branded Gifts

It’s no secret that branded gifts are a great way to market your small business. Promo gifts increase brand recognition, build awareness and are a great way to advertising new products and services in a fun and creative way at trade shows, directly to clients or at company events. But where a lot of small businesses small short is with the kind of gifts they choose to market their business with.

Many small businesses lack the creativity to grab people’s attention by giving away boring or pointless gifts that say little about their brand or service. The best branded gifts are everyday items that people want to use. And if your branded gifts start to feel like children’s party favors than it might be time to switch up your promotional gift strategy. Instead go with meaningful gifts that promote your small business in a positive light. Here are some branded gift ideas that are sure to leave a major impact.

Modern Tech

Stay Modern with Practical Tech

Practical tech are electronic devices or accessories that compliment people’s digital lives. This includes tech like cell phone chargers, USB flash drives and power banks. By branding something as simple as a wireless phone charging pad you can advertise your small business while positioning your brand as modern and cutting-edge.

Even small businesses who are not in the tech space will gain a lot from using branded tech as promotional gifts. An example would be an outdoor brand giving away portable battery power banks during a camping expo where outlets may be in short order. You would be surprised how creative you can get with tech and how excited people generally are to receive your free gifts. Tech allows you to promote your small business in a smart way.

 Branded Backpacks

Branded Backpacks and Bags

Backpacks and bags are a part of a larger niche of wearable advertising that also includes apparel such as t-shirts, hats and sweatshirts. But unlike apparel, branded backpacks and bags are unisex and you don’t have to worry about purchasing multiple different sizes. This translates to some major costs savings.

Promotional bags come in a variety of different styles. You can use branded tote bags to give away samples at trade shows or you can print your brand logo on backpacks to give to new employees or clients as a gift. The possibilities are endless.

What’s great about promotional backpacks is that you can get your small business logo on a variety of popular brands so you’ll be sure to match your company message to the right style. And you can do it all online! For busy businesses owners, this can be a huge timesaver. Resources like Backpackies showcase the latest backpack trends in useful buying guides with services like Inkhead allow businesses to order custom backpacks and bags online.

Promo Items That Compliment Your Niche

The key to meaningful promotional gifts is matching your brand message with a key part of your client’s lifestyle. The easiest way to do this is by choosing promo gifts that a person will use often or even daily. Although we have all seen branded pens and mugs, going a step further and being creative with what kind of gifts you give away can make all of the difference.

A great example is of a BBQ and Grilling brand giving away branded grilling spatulas at a tradeshow. Or a web design firm giving away mouse pads and flash drives to new clients. Not only are these gifts useful, but they are in sync with brand messaging and an easy way to build brand awareness in your niche. Other examples of everyday items that make great promo items include water bottles, beach towels and desk clocks. Branded items like these can enhance people’s lives while bringing awareness to your small business.

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06 Nov 2018