Articles in Branding and Selecting a Business

5 Ways a Business Can Improve Brand Awareness


A business could have the best products or services on the market, but it will never succeed if people are not aware of the brand. Here is why great brand awareness can transform a company.... Read full article

5 Clever Branding Tips to Help Expand Your Home Business


Branding is a fairly broad concept, but what it really comes down to is expressing who your company is and what sets you apart from your competition. As you establish your identity, here are 5 important ideas you should keep in mind.... Read full article

Rules in Product Packaging You Need to Understand


The kind of package that you use can affect how people will make their purchase decision. Here are some rules to ensure that your products are patronised by more consumers.... Read full article

Tips to Remember When Buying Exhibition Booths


There are factors that need to be taken into consideration before making the decision to attend a trade show and purchase an exhibition booth.... Read full article

Play in Your Sweet Spot: Working with Your Strengths

by Michael Katz on

Developing the skills, interests and natural gifts that truly set you apart will lead to genuine business success... Read full article