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5 Ways Your Business Can Benefit from Giving Back to the Community


It turns out that giving back can come with a lot of benefits. Here are five ways community participation can be an advantage to your business.... Read full article

How to Overcome Your Fear of Failing in Business


While it’s normal to have a fear of failing in business, it’s also in your best interest to find ways to overcome these emotions. We discuss how to work on building up your confidence so you can continue to excel and prove yourself wrong.... Read full article

The Importance of Looks in a Business Environment


When it comes to a business environment, looks are important, as they can have a big impact not only on how others decide to treat you, but also the workload that you get done. Let's discuss how important looks are for professional success.... Read full article

Why It Works to Be Happy at Work


Being happy or just having a positive attitude towards your job makes you far more productive than someone who isn’t. If you need help staying happy at work, here are some tips to stay uplifted and productive.... Read full article

Top Reliable Company Cars for Safe Business Travel in 2018


While a Jeep or Audi make luxurious, visually-stunning company cars, you might want to consider something that sticks to a stricter budget. If that’s the case, continue reading to find out about the best company cars for this year!... Read full article

The Cosmetic Procedures That Allow You to Go Straight Back to Work


We have listed a few of the cosmetic procedures that allow you to step back into your workplace immediately - you may even discover a great alternative!... Read full article

Self-Improvement Tips for Smart People


In this post, we will focus on self-improvement tips that will not only make your life better today but also for years to come.... Read full article

What Can You Do with a Business Degree?


While you’re studying away, stop and think. Where is this degree taking you, and where would you like to end up? We’ve pulled together just some of the career paths you could take to help you decide. ... Read full article

Play in Your Sweet Spot: Working with Your Strengths

by Michael Katz on

Developing the skills, interests and natural gifts that truly set you apart will lead to genuine business success... Read full article

Mechanical Engineer Invents a Playful New Tool for Parents and Toddlers


Willa Walker Helps Babies Explore the World While They Learn to Walk Willa Walker is made up of a wooden handle, two ropes and two wooden rings. That’s it. It is a simple yet smart tool that makes learning to walk even more fun for toddlers... ... Read full article