How to Start a Home-Based Fashion Brand

Fashion is an art that the world admires. It is one of the biggest and most influential powers in the world and has been adored and adorned by everyone alive today. It is also an incredibly cut-throat industry, which makes small-time designers and at-home fashion entrepreneurs often feel like they don’t stand a chance.

This is simply not true.

You can start your own clothing label right from home. Done right, you can enjoy a healthy income and even build up a good name for yourself. Never assume because you cannot pump out thousands of items that you cannot compete. Consumers today are looking for something more unique than the fast fashion conglomerates can offer. If you start in the mid-level market (also known as affordable luxury) then you can carve out a piece of infamy for yourself, so long as you follow these steps to help you get set up:  

Get all the Supplies You Need

Making clothes from scratch yourself and making alternations is one thing, but if you are serious about starting your own home-based fashion brand, then you need the best tools of the trade. From high-quality materials to a Juki sewing machine, you can get everything you need from Golden Cutting & Sewing Supplies. This way your clothes can have a high finish and professional touch that will solidify the quality of your brand.

Perfect Your Craft

You will need to provide a professional product in order to build a brand and enjoy sales. To do this, you will want to create prototypes of your initial collection and keep practicing with putting them together using a cheap fabric. Then, once you are sure you can create garments to a professional finish you can upgrade to more luxury fabrics.

How to Market Your Products

Having a collection makes you a designer, but it certainly doesn’t pay the bills. You need to market yourself and build your brand to see your products adorned by fashionistas everywhere.

1. On Social Media

Start first on social media. Photograph your friends and even you wearing your designs and, if you can, try to plan, shoot, and edit these photographs to a professional caliber. You might want to invest in a DSLR and a small studio set to get the right results.

2. By Partnering with Local Boutiques

Very few people will feel comfortable with buying online from an unknown brand. That is why you will want to first try selling your designs to local boutiques and have them promote your brand alongside their own.

3. By Partnering with Influencers

Contact local influencers and get them to wear and review your designs. This can help establish trust between you and your customers, and also help improve the visibility of your brand.

It is not easy to build up a fashion brand, but you have to remember that you do not need to go down the traditional route in order to become a success. You can start your own business right at home, and be in full control of the product from design to finish.  

Photo by Marcus Loke on Unsplash

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18 Dec 2018