What Are the States with the Lowest Cost of Living?

Are you tired of expensive bills? Are you looking for the most affordable place to live? 

If you're looking for a more affordable way of life, finding the states with the lowest cost of living is a good place to start. There are many places in the U.S. that almost anyone can live despite the final number on their paycheck. Are you ready to find out where to go? 

If you want to find a cheap place to live that meets your standards for living, keep reading for the advice you need to know. 

States with the Lowest Cost of Living 

States with the lowest cost of living require less than the countries average for expenses. Almost anyone can move to the following states and live with a low income. Some of you may have high incomes and merely want to move to a place where your money doesn't go directly to rent and bills. 

Let's explore the most affordable states.


Mississippi has some of the lowest cost of living in the U.S. The average home cost is almost half of the U.S. average making it a highly affordable place to buy a home or start making payments on one. 

If housing is a big priority to you, you can learn the ropes to being a homeowner in Mississippi with ease. If you want to learn more about housing equity, try checking out BiggerEquity for more information. 


Washingtonians have some of the lowest energy bills in the entire country. In fact, Washington has such cheap utilities that many Americans find this state to be a great place to start a new life or begin from scratch.

As is almost always the case, the rural parts of this state become even less expensive than where you might first choose to live. If you want a cheap monthly utility bill, Washington might be the place for you.


Cities like Lincoln, Nebraska have an inexpensive rent compared to the rest of the nation. Over the past ten years, Nebraska has also received an influx of young graduates and college students. These two traits make Nebraska a possibly great place to move if you're just out of college. 

Nebraska is an affordable state that might be a perfect short-term destination for a young couple or graduate. However, if you want to find a place to settle, you might be able to find better options in other states that are even cheaper or closer to large cities. 

Get Closer to the Life You Always Wanted

Everyone deserves a place to call home. It doesn't matter if you have six figures or minimum wage, there is always a place for you. Choosing states with the lowest cost of living gives you and your family a safe place to land and make a life together. 

Once you've found a place that you can afford, why not start a business? Even if you have one already, there are numerous ways to invest in your business and make a profit. 

It's time you made your life a bit easier. Your next step to action is to start browsing for home-based business ideas. Find an opportunity by searching this site and pursue it today! 

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12 Aug 2019