The Importance of Looks in a Business Environment

Physical appearance can convey multiple things – confidence, shyness, happiness… the list goes on. When it comes to a business environment, looks are just as important, as they can have a big impact not only on how others decide to treat you, but also the workload that you get done yourself. People may begrudge spending money simply in order to look better for work; however, a hair transplant, for example, can enhance your physical appearance massively, making you appear neat and more professional. Just how important are looks in a business environment though? Let’s find out.

They Convey Authority

Being authoritative within a business environment is essential to get taken seriously, especially if you operate in a manager role. Think of Ronald Reagan, for example – heads would turn whenever he walked into the room, and this definitely wasn’t just solely down to his position in business. When you dress to impress in the work environment, you’ll be able to outshine those who don’t, and thus establish higher amounts of authority compared to them. Businesses value employees with leadership and authoritativeness, showing exactly why looks are so vital within a business environment. Find ways to improve your look so people will really listen when you delegate tasks or direct your employees on new projects. Your business will benefit from the investment in your personal grooming.

It’s All About Brand Image

First impressions really are everything, and if your employees are coming into contact with clients every day, you’ll want to ensure that they’re presenting themselves in a professional way. New clients are coming to businesses all the time, so you’ll want to ensure that they have a good first impression of the business. When interacting with an employee who’s dressed smartly and appropriately for the business environment, you’ll be able to build a better brand image for your business, increasing the chances of attracting even more clients. Your brand image is what represents your business as a whole, and considering that appearance plays a large role in this, you’ll want to get it perfect.

Others Will Treat You Differently

This point can upset numerous people, but the fact of the matter is that people are prone to treating people differently based on their clothing and appearance. If someone comes to work wearing a hoodie, tracksuit bottoms and muddy trainers while conducting themselves in a sluggish manner, colleagues are going to perceive them as uninterested and not bothered, and thus they won’t be trusted by others in the company. However, if there is someone who poises themselves well and dresses to impress every day, they’re going to appear confident and capable of taking on larger tasks.

It Can Affect Productivity

While looks within the business environment have an impact on the way that others will perceive it, it also plays a large role in how you decide to conduct yourself and the attitude that you decide to adopt. When dressed smartly and presentably for work, you’re more likely to feel productive and suitable for the business environment that you’re in. Naturally, some businesses already enforce a strict formal dress code, but for those that are more lenient, we’d still suggest opting for smart clothes, as they bring the empowered individual out of you. After all, when we dress good, we feel good.

While looks certainly aren’t everything in a business environment, they certainly do have an impact on the way that employees are perceived and treated, so it’s always best to use this to your advantage. Rather than attending work wearing scruffy, lounge-worthy clothes, dress to impress and ensure you radiate confidence with everything you do.

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08 Nov 2018