The Right Domain Is the Key to Improved Viability

When you’re first starting to build your online presence, it’s important to choose a strong domain name for your website. This name must be relevant to your company or the work that you do so that users can easily recognize when your site pops up in their search bar; furthermore, a strong and enticing name can attract new, curious users and get you noticed faster. Your domain name is more than just a link to your landing page – it’s part of your branding, and it will follow you as your business grows. 

If you run a personal business, for example if you are a life coach, therapist, blogger, or personal trainer, and you operate using your given name, a domain that includes your first and last are typically a good choice ( If you have a name that is popular or widely used, include a piece that reflects the type of work you’re pursuing ( Perhaps you have a separate business name, take for example Canadian coffee brand Second Cup; their domain is short, sweet, and reflective of their business ( with nothing that could confuse prospective customers. Alternatively, if you have a recognizable acronym like the Canadian Centre for Occupation Health and Safety (or – you may use that as your domain so far as it is recognizable to your audience. Make sure to first see which domains are available by doing a thorough search of all the names you have mind, as this will help you narrow down this list of potentially viable options.

Another thing to bear in mind is that extensions matter and will aid prospective users in finding you. For example, TVO’s website is – the .org extension speaks to their being a governmentally associated organization. Many not-for-profits choose .org as their extension as well as this speaks to their providing a service as opposed to selling a product. For strictly Canadian companies, using .ca situates you more locally in the online world, and therefore the clientele using a local search engine might find you faster. Furthermore, your SEO (or search engine optimization) is only boosted if you also partner with a local, Canadian web host.

Affordable web hosting provided by companies like HostPapa will offer a variety of extensions from .tech for IT-related endeavours to .club for societies.  What’s more is with their Business and Business pro packages, startups can enjoy unlimited e-mail addresses branded by their domain, keeping them consistent and looking professional. Once you’ve chosen your domain and begun to establish your online presence, you can rest assured that your website activities will run on a low-density, lightening fast server that is monitored and secure. Additionally, should you experience technical issues, their PapaSquad team is ready and available via phone, e-mail, and live chat.

When you're looking for the right domain, using different online tools can really help the decision. Check out Windows VPS hosting here to find even more tools. When you choose a strong, relevant and inciting domain name, your business possibilities expand within the context of an online space. Not only do your chances of attracting more business from your immediate clientele grow, you also make an impression on those who could become potential customers down the road. The quality of your domain name also supports your integrity and professionalism as a business, therefore do your research and choose a strong hosting service to keep your website in top shape.

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26 Apr 2018