Ultimate Guide to Writing a Successful Business School Essay

The business industry is very popular. It provides people with many possibilities for establishing their own corporation and earning money and respect. That’s why so many young minds prefer learning at business schools. They have to complete different assignments and one of the most common is to write a business school essay. This task may induce definite problems and students ought to know how to resolve them quickly and effectively. If you wish to compose such assignments properly, read this ultimate guide. It covers the major aspects of writing essays on business.

Why are students obligated to write essays? Professors, tutors, and lecturers can understand how you:

  • Comprehend the purpose of the main question;
  • Conduct research;
  • Think critically about the reading materials;
  • Identify relevant and reliable information sources;
  • Organize your ideas;
  • Use the evidence;
  • Express your main concepts, etc.

These are important points to understand how good a student is. Fulfill these necessities properly to receive the highest grades and meet your academic goals.

When you’re assigned an essay, research the main question to realize what you disclose.

In order to understand the main question and choose a good topic, you should:

  • Examine various qualities of the topic and define their relations to one another;
  • Identify similar properties, as well as differences of major factors of your research;
  • Discuss the strongest and weakest points of your arguments;
  • Provide brief and plain explanations of every term of your research;
  • Analyze the main features of your topic.

As you can see, conduct in-depth research, answer all the questions and analyze their qualities. Afterwards, choose a topic. It should be relevant, problem-solving, and important. For example, you may choose such topics as “How Can Smaller Businesses Withstand Big Corporations?” or “How Can Countries with Developing Economies Compete in Huge Markets such as the USA or China?”

Writing an Essay

After you define the topic, find relevant and trustworthy information sources. Use the most adequate and officially confirmed sources. Thus, your theory will be based on real evidence and you’ll be able to convince your audience that your concept is correct.

Craft an outline. Define the major features of the phenomenon you’re studying. Outline the major positions of your theory and add three major sections for any piece of writing. These are an introduction, main plot, and conclusion.

Let’s review every section in turn. The introduction is a brief part which provides readers with an initial understanding of what you wish to deliver. It consists of a single paragraph. If your assignment is long, you can devote two paragraphs to this section. What should be written in the introduction?

Consider the essentials:

  • Explain the significance of your project;
  • Add context;
  • Reveal a clear viewpoint that directly answers the main question;
  • Provide a concise enumeration of concepts and the way they are going to be discussed in your paper;
  • Indicate any restrictions your essay may have (timeline, places, events, phenomenon, etc.).

The next section consists of the main body paragraphs. It helps to explain the main concept of your research.

The main plot should:

  • Deal out one aspect of your main question;
  • Provide approved and convincing examples (interviews, surveys, statistics, figures, tables, etc.);
  • Disclose three sub-questions (one in each paragraph);
  • Give a logical sequence of events;
  • Make smooth transitions;
  • Provide clear explanations of complex and unfamiliar terms and phrases.

Remember that information sources you want to use in your project should be officially approved. Don’t use sources like an author’s blogs or somebody’s comments. Find scientific articles and studies conducted by real researchers.

The last section is the conclusion. It is likewise short. Depending on the size of your project, it should consist of one or two paragraphs.

The defining section should:

  • Shortly summarize the entire research;
  • Prove that your study was logical;
  • Underline the main purpose in other words;
  • Provide results;
  • Explain and interpret results;
  • Avoid rambling;
  • Suggest probable solutions.

These are the major writing sections of a business essay. Keep in mind that sometimes your professors may ask you to write a synopsis. The length is determined by the length of the essay. For example, if you write a 2000-word essay, your synopsis should be 100 words long. A synopsis fulfills the function of a summary. It provides a brief report on the things that should be highlighted in your paper. It must be written on a separate page and be implemented before the main writing sections.

How to Write Correctly

In order to compose your essay properly, stick to certain recommendations.

Heed the following tips:

  • Research and understand your question;
  • Undertake preliminary steps (reading, searching for information, brainstorming, etc.);
  • Make systematic notes about the found information;
  • Determine the major themes that are relevant to your research question;
  • Decide what side to defend (approve or disapprove the claim);
  • Make a detailed outline;
  • Choose the most effective sources:
  • Organize the structure;
  • Define the methods to study your research;
  • Compose a rough draft to receive an approximate understanding;
  • Revise your draft(s);
  • Edit and fix mistakes;
  • Compose the final version and submit.

This is the right sequence you are supposed to undergo. Remember this list for good and use when you write your own essays in the business industry. You need a clear plan that saves precious time and organizes the working process in the most effective way.

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19 Feb 2019