How to Use a Printer Effectively for Your Small Business

There are many differences between small businesses and large enterprises, all boiling down to size and margin. No matter what field your small business is in, you have to figure out how to run it well. You must think of different ways to make the office space good by using effective products.

One of the most important elements that you should focus on is the printers, as a lot of the tasks depend on them. It is important to think of the right one to use, which is both cost-effective and useful. The main points you should focus on are mentioned below.

Why Choose a Multi-purpose Printer?

First and foremost, when you are investing in a good printer for your small business or startup, savings are important. You need various materials like scanners, fax machines, printers, and copiers to run different projects. Since your budget is small, you cannot invest in each, and thus, buying a multi-purpose printer would prove beneficial.

The features these have are:

  • WiFi connectivity
  • Speedy printers and copy machine functions
  • Lesser cost altogether
  • Cloud access in some for storage
  • Less space

In a small office area and with a lesser budget, these points make buying such a printer more ideal.

What Features Do You Need in a Printer?

Before trying to buy a printer or using one, it is important to know how they can help you. Consider the features they hold and then go ahead with buying one. In a small business, employees have to handle many projects and there are not many employees either. Thus, to utilize a printer effectively, you should check if they have the following points.

  • Memory - When you are buying a printer, see how much memory it can hold. Usually, ones with 64-256 MB RAM are enough for small businesses.
  • Speed - Depending on what speed you require for your printing, buy one that can print many pages per minute (ppm). For smaller companies, 20-40 ppm is sufficient and budget-friendly.
  • Inner materials - In the long run, the printer should be compatible with any other third-party developed materials. It shouldn’t be like a Brother-type printer model that will only work with brother printer ink toner drum. It should be more adjustable with any type of inks or cartridges.
  • Multi-purpose trays - Choose a printer that can print on various types of paper, including brochures, business cards, large paper, envelopes, etc.
  • Two-sided printing - Some printers allow automatic double-sided printing and do not need reloading each time.
  • Card readers and USB - Opt for printers that have card readers and USB ports.
  • Compliance with Energy Star - The machines with this certification do not have high costs of operation.
  • Touch-screen - Multi-purpose printers have a touch-screen system for easier commands.
  • DPI - You should buy a machine that can print many dots per square inch of the paper. This showcases the printed letter's sharpness.

Maintenance Leads to Effectiveness

Learn how to maintain the printer and do so on a regular basis. This improves product efficiency, and leads to less breakdowns and a longer lifespan. It is best to enter into a service agreement with the vendors so they can provide quick assistance during malfunctions. They will do so for an additional fee which includes the office visit costs and replacement parts.

Maintenance is not only meant for printers but also for the inks/cartridges. You need to make sure that the cartridges are replaced on a regular basis once the printer is out of ink or the ink fades. There are many good online shops like YoYoInk which sell printer inks and cartridges for better pricing than retail shops. As a business, it is good to buy online and get it delivered to the office directly.

Taking care of these things will ease the work flow and make things run smoothly for all employees.

Focus on the Business Needs

When you are planning out how to use the printers for your business needs, you should judge on a day-to-day basis. See if the workload at your company is heavy and requires more forms and documents on a daily basis. Depending on the capacity you need and the operational costs, you should choose a specific model to meet the requirements.

Also, consider printers with multi-purpose features as the top options. They can handle a good amount of load, and perform many functions as well.

Marketing Is Important

To improve the connection with your clients, creating promotional documents is as important as regular office work. Thus, you should use a printer for this task, by making posters, flyers, and business cards. Not only will it increase company value, but it also increases your team's productivity.

Organizational Skills

One of the most important tasks that one has to worry about while running any business is organization. This is also essential in small businesses, to keep a record of all the tasks that are occurring. Plus, employees with a lot of work to handle must smoothly manage the processes.

In this regard, printers can be useful for printing calendars and the notes taken during meetings

Overall, you can improve the conditions of your small business with the use of a good printer. Focus on the features first. Utilize them to make your business plans more effective and the work performance more orderly.

Photo by Fernando Arcos from Pexels

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15 Sep 2020