What Can You Do with a Business Degree?

When it comes to studying anything at University, it’s only natural to question where those countless hours of staring at books are going to get you. If you happened to have studied business, you’re in luck! While you’re studying away, wondering whether it’s time to invest in an essay writing service, stop and think; Where is this degree taking you, and where would you like to end up? We’ve pulled together just some of the career paths you could take to help you decide.

Accounting and Finance

Generalised business studies, no matter which University you’re studying at, will include some level of accounting and finance. In fact, you may even feel like you’ve reached your limit on what there could possibly be to know about accounting and finance but the truth is, while a business degree is perfect for a job in the finance sector, our world fuelled by education and specific qualifications means one simple thing: you might need even more qualifications. This is where a graduate role comes in. Graduate roles often give you a set time period and during that time period you’ll be working and learning at the same time and in most cases, the course cost will actually be covered by the employer so there’s no payout.


Management is tough; there’s no way to argue that fact. In fact, management is one of the toughest job roles out there with long, often unsociable hours, difficult colleagues and an endlessly busy schedule, but for those who like this fast-paced approach to their working life, it’s the perfect job for your degree. In most cases, especially where larger companies are concerned, you may find that you need years of mid-level experience before you can gain a managerial role, or another degree in the sector that you’re aiming for, but the payoff when you get to a managerial position can be well-worth the journey it took to get there.

Retail and Sales

When someone mentions a retail job, the chances are your mind immediately goes to shelf stacking and the folding of clothes. The truth is, however, there is so much more to retail than just the shop floor. If you’re armed with a business degree, there are plenty of shop and office-based roles you could find yourself in, including management, assistant management, resource management and so many more. Don’t write off that retail career just yet; you never know where it could take you.

How about something a little different?

  -  Media

  • While a business degree isn’t the most creative of studies, it’s far from impossible to get a job in the creative industries. While it’s unlikely that you’ll be hands-on in writing, editing or production, you could find yourself in sales, human resources, PR, finance, accounting, operations as well as overall management and so much more. Having a full understanding of the market you’re looking to work in will do you wonders, so make sure you aren’t just looking for a media job because it ‘sounds fun’.

  -  Marketing and advertising

  • The marketing and advertising industries are goldmines for graduates, especially if you have a creative mind. Analysis and report-writing skills that were honed during your degree can be used for market research and help you develop marketing strategies, manage client relationships and even help you connect with designers, printers and copywriters. You’re likely to be working alongside specialists so not only will this job be rewarding in that your degree will come into use constantly, but it also gives you the opportunity to broaden your skillset and keep up with the ever-changing markets.
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17 Oct 2017