What Customers Are Looking for from Your Electrical Company

When it comes to starting up an electrical company, one of the key areas which needs to be focused on is the competitiveness of the market. Understanding your client base and ensuring that you are providing everything your customers are looking for can help to guarantee that your business remains prosperous for many years to come. But what exactly are customers looking for from your electrical company? In order to help you make the right business decisions, we’ve taken a look at answering that exact question.


Not only will potential clients be looking for great reviews, and word-of-mouth appraisal from other customers, they will also judge your reputability on the accreditations your business has, and whether or not you have some form of electrician insurance. All of this can provide your clients with the peace of mind that they’re going to obtain the very best service when they hire you, and that you are completely reliable in the event that something does go wrong.


Knowing that your business has tackled some complex jobs, and has been successful as a result, will help to grow your client base, as they will be happy to allow you to tackle a much smaller, simpler job, knowing what you’ve achieved before. Experience is always important, and many start-ups can find that this is something that can go against them quite dramatically in such a competitive market. If you have worked on a big project, such as a renovation or a new-build, then make sure that you’re shouting about it as part of your marketing efforts. Put together case studies and share these on your website and with your clients when you carry out an initial inspection – the chances are, you’re going to obtain much more success from this.


If your business is available 24/7 then you’re going to drive much more business than if you are closed for long periods of time. People can have issues with their electrical systems day and night, and many people will want the issue to be resolved as quickly as possible. While it may not always be necessary to be available 24/7 depending on the area in which you are working, it is important to identify this as a key growth opportunity for your business, allowing you to cater for a much broader range of customers, and therefore attract much more business.


A key characteristic that customers are looking for from an electrical company is flexibility. Being able to undertake a variety of projects, without much trouble, is a great way to encompass a much broader clientele. Many homeowners are looking for flexibility as it shows a strong degree of competence from a business if they are able to switch between duties. This level of flexibility can also allow clients to be maintained for long periods of time, as they will know that you are ultimately reliable and able to fix any electrical issue which may occur. If you are solely focusing on maintenance and repair work (which makes up 20% of the main sources of work for a business), then you are potentially missing out on all of the work which you can gain from new construction projects and the replacement of electrical systems in existing buildings.


A key area that many businesses forget is the building of relationships between the client and the business itself. Trust is a key element of this, and if you are able to ensure that you have a strong reputation to bring on the business in the first place, then you must take the time to maintain this. Building up a relationship with each and every one of your clients will help to keep on business for the long-term, which will ultimately help your electrician company to grow.

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11 Feb 2018