Why Happiness Is Important for Your Work Ethic

A good work ethic is one of the most important mentalities for any employee. With this said, a good work ethic isn’t very easy to achieve when you’re not happy at work.

So why is this, exactly? You’re about to find out…

Happy workers vs unhappy workers

Studies found that there's a 12% productivity increase for workers who consider themselves happy ay work. And this statistic turns rather tragic when you find out that a shocking one quarter of us are unhappy within the workplace.

It’s no wonder 70% of us feel our role is just a job, and nothing more. That makes it only 30% of us who view our roles as a career!

Of that 30% of happy workers, 10x fewer sick days are taken compared to the 70% of unhappy workers.

How can I keep happy at work?

There are many ways to keep yourself happy and motivated but the main four are:

  • Going to work with a positive mind-set
  • Setting achievable goals
  • Not worrying about the small stuff
  • Giving yourself well-deserved breaks

How can I keep my employees happy?

It turns out that the number one reason for unhappiness at work is because of bad bosses. If that’s not a big enough wake-up call for bad bosses, nothing will be! So, how do you change this fact?

Keep your employees motivated by praising them for their victories, give them the trust they deserve to do their roles properly and most importantly, allow them the freedom to grow within the company.

These all give your employees something more to work towards, something to push towards and work hard for. After all, isn’t that what work ethic is all about?

Happiness really is the key to success

It’s true that a happy worker has a better work ethic than those who dread coming into work, and who can blame them? If you’re struggling to keep your employees’ work ethics up, getting a human resources software will greatly help in keeping morals high.

What makes you happy at work?

Do you bring your pet into home office or commercial workspace or listen to upbeat music to keep you motivated? Whatever it is, give us your advice in the comments below. And remember, happiness is key!

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08 Jan 2018