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Hello, My name is Sherilyn Colleen, I am the Experts Editor for Home Business Magazine.  In 2014, we just launched our new Experts section.  We will work to bring you the best, most cutting edge advice for a wide variety of experts in the world of home-based business.  Please check back often for the latest blog posts.  

Our experts section covers the widest range of home-based business subjects, including business start-up, raising money, marketing, sales, different home-based businesses, franchises, growing a business, e-commerce, home office subjects, newsstand, management, business operations, and other subjects. Follow our experts as you start-up, grow and expand your home-based business.

If you are interested in joining our network of Expert Bloggers at Home Business Magazine, please let me know. You can email me at [Sherilyn] @ [homebusinessmag-dot-com].

Thank you for visiting our Home Business Experts section. Continued Success!

Sherilyn Colleen






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