27-Year Veteran Ted Wilson Reveals Secrets of the MLM Industry


27-Year Veteran Ted Wilson Reveals Secrets of the MLM Industry A Professional Networker’s Legacy – How to Take Back Your Financial Future www.BuildwithTed.com If you were to lose your main source of income today, how much time would you have left before you’d be financially ruined? The truth is, over 50% of North Americans are less than 2 paychecks away from financial duress. The good news is that you probably already know this, and you’re reading this article looking for hope and solutions to your own life. The fact is, success leaves clues, and Ted Wilson is no stranger to success within the home-based industry. “I can help you — just as I have helped more than 120 people learn how to make a high 6-figure, or even a 7-figure annual income,” notes Wilson. “This income is passive while working from home, and most of these people only ever worked part-time.” Additionally, Wilson has coached thousands of people on how to create multiple 5-figure annual incomes working his systems approach to network marketing part-time from the comfort of their own home. Since 1989, with Wilson’s fateful introduction to the industry, he was able to go full-time in 1993 and he has not looked back. Wilson builds great successes time and time again, because he continues to study this industry as a profession. He has identified key behaviors, strategies and distinctions that separate those that are merely curious from those that are serious and will go on to great success. According to Wilson, “In every instance, I have been able to build traditional, large organization downlines of customers and marketing representatives quickly and repeatedly that has led to great successes for many people within my organization.” He strongly believes in the duplication of sound teaching to those who are truly committed. Wilson is at a stage in his career where he doesn’t just care about the money and growing a large organization. Instead, he wants to “reveal my strategies and help as many people as possible, as the legacy I’m giving back to the industry that I love, my contribution to the next generation of developing leaders.” One of Wilson’s strategies has been to “identify a consumer product(s) that offers real value, which has immediate curb appeal, where a great relationship with a trusted brand occurs.” He emphasizes the importance of the product being immediately recognizable, one that spurs an emotional connection to the benefit it offers, without the need to have to sell people on its magical properties, or become a trained clinician selling the science trying to convince people why they should purchase a product, or worse — having to rationalize the high cost typically associated with such products. “The product must be immediately recognized as beneficial, it must be affordable without hesitation, and offer hope,” Wilson says. As an industry consultant, Wilson was introduced to a company in mid-2014 called Valentus, who markets a small but focused line of functional beverages in a concentrated, single-serve format. The 2-year old international company markets their nutritional line under the brand name “Prevail” (which, in Latin, prae- + valēre means to be strong, to overcome). The two-year journey for Wilson has been a fascinating one and he believes his greatest work achievements. “Nearly 40,000 customers and representatives strong have joined our team and yet our brand, our company, is still a secret in the home-based industry,” Wilson shares. “Yet, we’ve only just begun. With global sales of just US$3.5M/month, the opportunity for tremendous leverage is just around the corner — what industry insiders refer to as the proverbial “sweet spot” of when a company is timed perfectly to the market.” Valentus offers a system called 12in24© that Wilson created for their organization. The company launched the product on June 1, 2015. “The results have been nothing short of amazing, and honestly, the products just flat out work!” Wilson says. With the ingenious new product, customers are offered a way to lose 12lbs. or 12” in only 24 days. Wilson asserts, “You’ll look and feel fantastic, and you’ll enjoy a 30-day 100% product satisfaction guarantee.”* Valentus’ SlimROAST Italian Dark Roast coffee, a weight management product, kick-starts the body onto a healthy track from cup #1. The instant cup of coffee, to be enjoyed first thing in the morning, acts to suppress an appetite naturally, and will create a natural fat burn in the body called thermogenesis. Ingredients such as garcinia cambogia, phaseolamine, cassiolamine, l-carnitine and chromium are naturally occurring in the product’s formula. Customers find the aromatic instant coffee to be delicious and it burns unwanted adipose fat as part of Valentus’ simple-to-follow 12in24© Lifestyle 3-drink system.* One hour before supper, consumers are to enjoy a bottle of water and mix in Valentus’ TRIM powder for a piña colada flavour explosion! TRIM continues the appetite suppression benefits of SlimROAST, with added ingredient benefits of raspberry ketones, and the maqui berry, among other ingredients.* One hour before bedtime, Valentus advises to enjoy one more bottle of water and mix in Valentus’ IMMUNE BALANCE powder for a delicious array of antioxidants and other natural ingredients that are packed with nutrition to encourage a restful sleep. Sleep deprivation is a massive industry in itself and this product strives to address the main reasons why humans have difficulty getting a good night’s rest. With the “heightened sexual function, detoxification and elimination, and mental clarity and focus”, the 12in24© Lifestyle 3-drink system changes lives for the better!* All three of these products are all-natural, 100% safe, non-GMO formulas that all have less than 4gm of naturally occurring sugar. With a low glycemic index, all of Valentus’ products are diabetic-friendly. 12in24© Lifestyle partakers are advised to consume all 3 of these functional beverages every day for 6 days, take the 7th day off, and repeat for 4 weeks. “The lifestyle requires no shakes, no counting calories, no meal plan, no restrictive diet, no medical exercise plan, and no pain,” Wilson shares. “Just 3 delicious drinks — you don’t change anything else. This is a customer lifestyle movement that is gaining momentum quickly.” From the nearly 40,000 customers, Wilson reveals the positive feedback received. “They no longer crave those sugary sweets late at night, or throughout the day,” he says. “Customers speak of their bodies starting to eliminate correctly and having a natural energy and a jump in their step they haven’t felt for a long time.” Valentus pays out a “healthy 50% commission back to its loyal product consumers” called independent representatives who are responsible for inviting prospects to consider becoming wholesale customers and/or independent representatives themselves through an independent representative’s unique website(s). A one-time, lifetime fee of US$20.00 is all it takes to become an independent representative with Valentus, or free to simply become a wholesale-preferred customer. For those who choose to become an independent representative, this fee includes a full suite of replicating websites one receives for marketing purposes. It’s an impressive system that takes out all of the traditional anxiety of self-promotion inside this direct sales industry. Go to www.BuildwithTed.com and watch videos, take a tour, and request a free sample. Valentus invites readers to become a messenger of hope, through being an example of becoming rich, freeing up time, and living a long and healthy life. * Consult with Valentus’ Policies & Procedures © 12in24, 12in24 Lifestyle System and the 12in24 logos are registered trademarks of CMT Ventures Inc. © 2014-2016. www.12in24.life ©2016 | All Rights Reserved *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. Valentus products are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any malady, disease or illness. Consult an accredited healthcare professional prior to consuming any nutritional regimen or system.

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