How I Built This Ecommerce Drop Shipping Shopify Store from $0 to $1.08 Million In 6 Months


My name is Russell Chen. I’m the CEO and founder of multiple successful Ecommerce stores and 7 Figure Ecom Academy. I’m a divorced father with 2 kids. Not long ago I suffered a nervous breakdown, got sick, couldn’t continue working so I lost my 9-5 job. I was worried that I could not support my family. I was unemployed, depressed, savings almost depleted and dead broke. Then I finally recovered after a few months and landed a 9-5 job again making peanuts which I dreaded working 50-60 hour weeks. So I took drastic action…I saw an opportunity a year and half ago to start my own online Ecommerce drop shipping store and took action right away. Today I'm living the Stress-Free dot com lifestyle I've always dreamed about. If I can do it, you can do it too! Without a mentor or anyone to teach me it took 6 months of extremely hard work, countless sleepless nights, learning while holding a full-time job, made big costly mistakes and tested over $250k in ad spend to finally crack the online Ecommerce drop shipping store code. The drastic action has brought me to where I'm today. Financial freedom, more time to spend with my family, travel, enjoying the finer things in life earning 7 figure income a year working only in my spare time. Now, I wanted to give back and help the folks who dread the 9-5 rat race, folks who want financial security, to make extra income, to put their kids through college without taking out a second mortgage or retirees who want to supplement their fixed income so I’ve created a comprehensive step-by-step online course teaching folks just like you how to create a successful Ecommerce store & avoid mistakes I’ve made. You can now Register for my FREE Online Training on How to Build a 7 Figure a Year Ecommerce Business by visiting our academy website: ...NOW it's your turn. Take Action! Register for my FREE training Now. "Successful" people have the ability to see an opportunity and actually takes action! This is a FREE online training event so seats are extremely limited. This training workshop will teach you how to start an online Ecommerce store from anywhere by leveraging the power of the Internet even if you are a beginner! The best part is it can be started with ZERO experience! Now, there are 5 simple things needed to start a successful Online Ecommerce Business: 1. You need to be PASSIONATE about it! 2. It needs to be low-investment to start! 3. The business only can require 1-2 hours per day (people still have their job) 4. Start an online Ecommerce store with zero experience. 5. Use technology, at any age Why Own An E-Commerce Store? *Work from home or anywhere you desire *You get paid right away (2-3 days) *Make money while you sleep or play *No prior experience required *No Franchise fees *Easy to set up and run your store *No expensive retail store overhead *No inventory to stock/buy upfront *Low investment/Real Passive income *No telephone sales/door to door sales *Work part-time or full-time *Financial and time freedom *No more dreaded 9-5 grind *More time with family and friends Why 7 Figure Ecom Academy? 1. You get full Step-by-Step training on how to set up your E-commerce Shopify store and Facebook/Instagram ads to get customers quickly and consistently and avoid ALL the costly mistakes I’ve made. 2. We reveal our HOTTEST selling products so you can start selling them too and profit big! 3. We teach you our SECRETS to getting 400%-600% Returns on your ecom store. 4. We help build you a high converting Shopify E-Commerce Store (optional) 5. Full Support Mon-Fri 9-5 EST via email, phone and chat. We are here to help you succeed in the quickest time possible. Proof screen shot in the photo gallery from 1 of my Shopify store dash boards: $217k+ in 1 Month! Proof screen shot in the photo gallery from one of our happy beta students made $33.42k in ONLY 1 Month “I was skeptical at first but decided to give it a try and can’t believe I made over $33k in 1 month…” -Joshua B. New York, NY Proof screen shot in the photo gallery from another made $17.58k in 1 Month “I never made a single penny on the internet until I came across Russell’s 7 Figure Ecommerce Mastery Course. It took me 5 months to break the $17k/mo barrier. I have since quite my job! Thank you so much for all the knowledge and support!” -Mary T. Los Angeles, CA Proof screen shot in the photo gallery from another made $1.44k in only 1 Day “I have done everything from affiliate marketing to starting a social media agency. Nothing worked and I have never made $1.4k+ in 1 day from just starting an Ecommerce Store 1 month ago. 7 Figure Ecom Academy has helped me succeed in ways I did not think was even possible in such a short time!” -Sebastian D. Miami, FL Here’s How To Get Your FREE Ecommerce Training To Get Started. Go To Our Academy Website at: Now to Access Your FREE Special Training Report. We only have a few copies left so hurry before it’s completely filled! Copyright 2020 Laptop Wealth Group, LLC


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