Are you thinking about Starting a Vending Machine Business?


Are you thinking about Starting a Vending Machine Business? Here is what I can do FOR YOU that NO one else can so you can own a vending business! Today many people are looking for ways to supplement their income. Maybe you’ve looked at several vending opportunities, but I can say from personal experience that this vending opportunity offers a truly lucrative solution with low overhead and a higher return on investment. It’s your lucky day Every vending machine business I sell is a complete turnkey, cash cow, vending opportunity. I also have vending routes for sale! Hello! My name is Dale Lyons, founder of Lyons Wholesale Vending, your 42-year vending expert at your service! Why would you want to work with anyone other than a vending expert? Along with selling you a vending machine business and vending route, I have my own vending business and have managed a number of vending routes throughout the years. I know from firsthand experience what works and what does not work! I’ve walked in your shoes so you can trust me when I say, “I will be with you every step of the way!” This is why I specialize in training beginners just like you, unlike many companies that want to offer you a vending business for sale. This is another reason why the vending machine business I will sell you is better than any other vending opportunity. Therefore, you’ll never be alone when starting a vending machine business with Lyons Wholesale Vending. Many vending opportunities I’ve seen in the marketplace are only distributors. They don’t see the vending business from the manufacture’s point of view. My #1 seller, the Snack Vendor®, was designed and manufactured by me with you in mind! My clients love it and so do the store owners where they are placed. You can read more about this on the Machines Page. When you partner with me, the manufacturer, you eliminate the middle man! What does that mean to you? It means you will pay only wholesale prices, not retail prices! Therefore, you will receive the lowest prices on the planet and more vending businesses for sale than anyone else! Hence my company name: Lyons Wholesale Vending. I am going to help you save thousands of dollars on your vending business. In addition, every machine that you order for your vending business can be placed into a busy store or business for you! For your approval! Certain restrictions apply for this offer. This offer can be cancelled at any time. In case you’re wondering, I don’t sell vending franchises. One reason is that you won’t get the kind of support I offer as most vending franchises aren’t offering personal expertise in the nitty gritty of your vending business. As mentioned above, I will be with you every step of the way offering my personal experience and successes! And remember, vending franchises will want a portion of your profits. Lyons Wholesale Vending doesn’t require any profits from your vending business so what you make is yours to keep! That's why the vending businesses for sale by Lyons Wholesale Vending is better than considering any vending franchises for sale. One addition benefit!... With every vending machine business for sale, you receive a FREE Home Study Course! So don't delay! Review our current vending machine businesses for sale right now by clicking HERE. Starting a vending machine business is an adventure and I look forward to joining you on your journey! So what are you waiting for? Check out our vending opportunities NOW!



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