Start-Up a Lil’ Bubba Concrete Edging Business


Lil Bubba Landscape Curbing is a High Income/Low Investment Business. 1.) A Lil Bubba curbing business with 2 employees can easily earn you between $3000 and $5000 a week. 2.) That isn’t bad for a business that costs less than $25,000 to start! 3.) The entire business can be financed for as little as $800/mth. 4.) Two men can generate $1000 plus per day with Lil Bubba. 5.) So the monthly finance payment can be earned in less than one days work. Compare that with other established successful businesses out there and you will see why the landscape curbing business is such a winner It May Not Be Pretty But the End Result is a Thing of Beauty. It’s a grind alright, laying curb. Turning mud into art, foot by foot is not for the meek and dainty. That’s why we built Lil’ Bubba to be tough. It’s solid, strong and no matter how big the job, how hard the task, it gets the job done right. Better yet, it enables you to do so—on your own time and your own schedule. And while the work may be down and dirty, the end result, well, it’s a gosh darn thing of beauty.


Gordon Buckland

Phone: (800)314-9984



11516 Satellite Blvd
Orlando, Florida 32837