My Jennarocity Estate Sales, LLC


My Jennarocity Estate Sales is looking to expand through individuals who are interested in working for themselves. By organizing estate sales in your community, you have the opportunity to set your own hours and add additional income to your family!

Business Details

Start-Up Costs: $800-$1500

Franchise Fee: $250 monthly

Type(s) of business: Licensor

Date Business began: 0715

Number of Businesses Currently in Operation: 1

Is Business “MOBILE” (home-based, most work performed outside of home)?: Yes

Can Business Be Operated Part-Time?: Yes

U.S. States and Canada Offered: Texas

Training Comments: My Jennarocity Estate Sales offers online training and support to start the business. We provide a welcome packet, outlining the business and how to begin, as well as training videos!

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