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Why Power Maintenance Services is your best choice ?


If you still not sure if hiring Power Maintenance Services is a good idea, let me show you several reasons why this company will be your best choice. First of all, this company has been working in that industry for over 25 years. You can only imagine how much experience they gained since their first appear on the market. What is more, their employees are well trained and qualified people who are using only latest cleaning techniques, so you can be sure that their work will be quick and efficient. I can’t say good enough about this company. Thanks to Power Maintenance Services my fitness club is clean all the time and I don’t need to be worry that anything will be wrong. My fitness center have never been in a better shape. Finally, their services are on the highest level and they are surprisingly really affordable. I think it all show that this company will provide anyone the best cleaning services in Chicago.


Northbrook, IL 60062
Chicago, Illinois 60062


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Business Details

Number of Businesses Currently in Operation: 1

Is Business “MOBILE” (home-based, most work performed outside of home)?: Yes

Can Business Be Operated Part-Time?: Yes

U.S. States and Canada Offered: Illinois

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