Terms of Use

1. Privacy policy:

HBM EXPO is dedicated to ensuring your privacy at all times. We go the extra mile in order to protect all information that we receive from our customers.

The end usage of information collected

Whatever information that we at HBM EXPO collect is used only for the general improvement and upkeep of the site. At certain times we might monitor information which is related to your domain name, the page name of te source site, the approximate time spent on our site, as well as the IP address of your computer. We only collect such information in order to help us serve you better and to improve our services to you.
During registration certain mandatory information is collected such as email ID, date of birth, gender, name, hobbies and interests, industry you belong to as well as your current zip code and occupation etc. If you happen to purchase anything on our HBM EXPO then credit card information as well as address may be needed. This is to ensure timely delivery of the item purchased as well as for processing payments on the site. All of this information collected is used to refine our advertising campaigns and web content in order to appeal to you in a much better way.

Your right to edit preferences

At HBM EXPO you are our valued customer. You have every right to edit all of your personal preferences as well as information provided online. You can, at any time, choose to unsubscribe from existing newsletters or information you have been subscribing to. However important service announcements as well as messages from our administrative team constitute a portion of your account at HBM EXPO and hence these messages will be sent to you from time to time.

We do not sell your information

As a strict policy to protect the privacy and interests of our customers, we at HBM EXPO ensure that we never sell any of your information collected to any list providers. However, at certain times we will accept advertisement content from our partners and other third party providers. We do exercise any control over their mechanisms of collecting information. Hence if you disclose any personal information to such sites then the sole responsibility rests on you and we would not be responsible for any damages occurring from it.

Security of information

All information collected by us at HBM EXPO is protected with stringent security measures. Sensitive information like credit card information is always encrypted through secure networks. Our site always has the security icon at the bottom which is an added assurance that we transmit all information through secure servers.

Usage of cookies

We employ the usage of cookies in order to help us identify user behavior on our site. These cookies never capture any of your personal information. We aim to analyze conditions like which web pages get frequented most often, the average frequency of visits etc. This in turn enables us to improve our service levels to our customers. This way we are able to refine the content on our site to appeal to you.
2. Terms of use:

Registration with HBM EXPO automatically implies your consent to our Terms and conditions. Along with this you are also consenting to our privacy policy and legal disclaimer. Any changes made to the Terms of Use section on our site will not be notified to you and hence customers are advised to regularly visit this section to check on updates.

Usage of the site

As a customer you are only allowed to copy web pages on our site for personal uses. No commercial usage of the site, including distribution, duplication, modification and publishing of information on the site is permitted. Doing so will result in legal and punitive action. Deep linking into HBM EXPO is also not permitted unless you are authorized by us to do so.

Permitted content

We at HBM EXPO are very stringent when it comes to the type of content we collect from customers. If any or all of the following kinds of content are found on our site then the user will be banned from the site for good:
- Abusive comments and using expletives as well as posting comments that are sexually oriented
- Content that refers to unlawful activities or advertising falsely and in violation of health standards and codes
- We do not accept postings or reviews from employees of our direct competitors
- Reviews that are too generic to define pros and cons of the object being reviewed
- Commercial content that does not hold relevance to the subject
- Virus laden content, content that has worms or timebombs which can damage and interfere with personal data and system information

Aspects we do not take responsibility for

There are certain situations where HBM EXPO relinquishes responsibility. These situations include:
- We have no responsibility over the kind of content or reviews posted by our users
- We do not accept responsibility for any damages that are incurred due to usage of any or all parts of our site
- We do not assume responsibility for any information you might disclose to third party companies or advertisers
- Any review or information submitted by users automatically implies publishing, broadcasting, circulation of the information by us to third party channels, advertisers, affiliates as well as our partners.

Copyright and trademark

The logo HBM EXPO, its name as well as the URL www.homebusinessmag.com  slogans, designs and all associated markings are copyrighted and trademarked and are the sole property of HBM EXPO and/or its affiliate partners. No part of this information maybe used without receiving prior authorization and permission from us. Any other trademarks and copyrighted information are owned by other entities and we are not responsible for the same.
Tracking of information

We at HBM EXPO are not under any obligation to track the information posted on our site. However as a means of adhering to current applicable laws we may monitor such information on a regular basis. We may also monitor this information in order to protect the privacy of our users and to help enhance the service levels of the site. We reserve the right to modify, delete or decline any information that we believe is against the terms of the site. We are under no obligation to notify you of such actions taken. Certain information and content posted by third party affiliate sites may not be appropriate for under-aged children. In such cases we exercise no control over such information nor do we accept responsibility for damages incurred from the same.

We do not provide warranty

All of the information provided on HBM EXPO is presented as and when it gets posted. There maybe typographical errors, inaccuracies as well as inconsistencies on the information in the site. However we do not provide warranties of any nature. We relinquish all responsibility towards all warranties of any sort, even for merchandise that has an implied warranty to it. Any advice provided by HBM EXPO or its employees or affiliate partners cannot fall under any warranty of any kind.

We do not provide warranty on the uninterrupted usage of the site, nor do we provide warranty on the absence of viruses or malicious components in the content of our site. We do not provide warranty on the overall performance of our site as well as of third party sites. We also do not provide warranty on the accuracy of information posted on the site as time goes by. We do not provide warranty on any information or files that are downloaded from any portion of the site as well as from third party sites. If you purchase products from any third party website then HBM EXPO does not provide warranty on these products.

Restricted access

Certain sections of HBM EXPO are not open to access by the general public. Therefore upon registration with our site you agree not to visit or attempt to data mine, modify, publish, distribute or commercially sell any portion of the site, including these restricted areas. You maybe only allowed to navigate through these restricted areas only if you have been duly authorized by HBM EXPO to do so. Any action by users that interferes with the normal functioning of the site or hampers experience for the other users of the site will result in legal action.


We at HBM EXPO reserve the right to make changes to the Terms of use section of our site from time to time. However any changes or updates made to this section will not be notified to our users. We are not under any obligation to provide notifications to users to changes made to this section. Hence users will need to keep monitoring the Terms of use on a regular basis. Damages resulting from the failure to do so are not the responsibility of HBM EXPO.

Termination of account

HBM EXPO reserves the sole right to terminate or cancel any user account which is in violation of the Terms of Use. We are under no obligation to provide any warning or notice to you before doing so. We can either terminate, restrict your access to the site partially or fully without providing any notice or reasons for the same whatsoever.

Content provided by the user

Content provided by the user includes any kind of information or data provided by the users of our site. This can be inclusive of, but not restricted to, questions and answers, feedback, reviews, data, ideas, plans etc. If any such content is provided by the user to HBM EXPO then we do not hold any responsibility to protect this information from any sort of disclosure. We are under no obligation to protect such information and we also do not have any responsibility on where such information gets disclosed to.

Advertisements and endorsements

Any third party advertisements or commercial adverts put up on HBM EXPO are not the responsibility of our site. We do not investigate into the accuracy of claims made by advertisers not do we ascertain the accuracy of ratings, reviews, data etc. Any references made to third party hyperlinks, products and services as well as deals and coupons do not comprise our advertising the product/s. Hence we do not assume any responsibility for these. We also do not make any warranties or guarantees on the accuracy of any or all of such information present on our site. All prices related to products as well as services are subject to changes at any time without prior notice.


All fees are non-refundable or will be refunded at HBM EXPO’s discretion. As a general policy, HBM will refund the unused portion of a purchase.